NAICU Secretariat 

The NAICU Secretariat consists of 26 members representing the many regional and special-purpose independent college and university associations.  Secretariat members serve on NAICU's policy committees and the board. The Secretariat is comprised of many different faith-based associations, women’s colleges, work colleges, colleges of art and design, medical specialty, and regional groups such as the Great Lakes, Midwest, South, and Appalachia.  The Secretariat members range from large associations, like the Coalition of Christian Colleges and Universities with over 180 member institutions, to the very small, such as the Work Colleges Consortium with seven member institutions. 

NAICU's Secretariat members and colleges represent the heart of the diversity of the NAICU membership. NAICU relies on its Secretariat members during federal advocacy efforts on key bills before Congress.  

NAICU's Secretariat members and campuses admit a large percentage of minorities, first-generation students, and a significant amount of Pell recipients.  The Secretariat members are both strong and vulnerable, and the entire NAICU membership benefits from their participation and partnership. 

Secretariat Officers

Secretariat Chair: Rev. Dennis H. Holtschneider (Association of Catholic Colleges and Universities)

Secretariat Members

Joshua D.K. Figueira J.D.  
Executive Director
American Association of Presidents of Independent Colleges & Universities
Provo, UT

Lisa Jasinski Ph.D.  
Associated Colleges of the Midwest
Chicago, IL

Philip E. Dearborn Ed.D.  
Association for Biblical Higher Education
Orlando, FL

Gedalia Litke  
Executive Director
Association of Advanced Rabbinical & Talmudic Schools
Brooklyn, NY

Dennis H. Holtschneider CM, Ed.D.  
Association of Catholic Colleges and Universities
Washington, DC

Ann Marie Munson  
Executive Director
Association of Chiropractic Colleges
Bethesda, MD

Deborah Obalil  
President & Executive Director
Association of Independent Colleges of Art and Design
Providence, RI

Michael J. Garanzini S.J.  
Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities
Washington, DC

Julia Cavallo Ed.D.  
Executive Director
Conference for Mercy Higher Education
Silver Spring, MD

Nate Brandstater Ph.D.  
Consortium of Hospital Affiliated Colleges and Universities
Peoria, IL

Janet L. Rapelye  
Consortium on Financing Higher Education
Cambridge, MA

Shirley V. Hoogstra J.D.  
Council for Christian Colleges & Universities
Washington, DC

Marjorie Hass Ph.D.  
Council of Independent Colleges
Washington, DC

Tamara K. Gieselman D. Min  
Vice President, Education, North America
GBHEM/Division of Higher Education
Nashville, TN

Michael A. McDonald Ph.D.  
Great Lakes Colleges Association
Ann Arbor, MI

Laurie Hall  
Executive Secretary
International Association of Baptist Colleges and Universities
Plainview, TX

Klaus Arnold Ph.D.  
Director of Global Education and Clergy Development
International Board of Education - Church of the Nazarene
Lenexa, KS

Lamont Wells  
Executive Director
Network of ELCA Colleges and Universities
Chicago, IL

Jeffrey E. Arnold  
Executive Director
The Association of Presbyterian Colleges and Universities
Decatur, GA

Frank M. Yamada M.Div., Ph.D.  
The Association of Theological Schools
Pittsburgh, PA

Sean J. Creighton Ph.D.  
The New American Colleges & Universities
Dayton, OH

Lodriguez Murray  
Vice President, Public Policy & Government Affairs
UNCF - United Negro College Fund, Inc.
Washington, DC

Martha Malinski  
Interim Executive Director
Women's College Coalition
Los Angeles, CA

Brenda Boggs  
Executive Director
Work Colleges Consortium
Berea, KY

Gloria Nemerowicz Ph.D.  
Founder & President
Yes We Must Coalition
Wayland, MA